Ode to my Mom’s house – thoughts after a miscarriage

This house holds all my secrets,
my pain and my despair.
It hoards my laughs and triumphs
although I don’t live here.

Its trust: uncompromising,
its comfort is complete.
It is my place of sweet escape,
forgiving and discreet.

I’ve loved and lost and cried and screamed,
here nursed my newborn son.
Within these rooms great things have ended
And greater ones begun.

The walls, so brightly coloured,
wake my soul when it’s distressed.
But faces smiling down from them
will beckon me to rest.

This is the place that satisfies
my hunger and my thirst.
When I have needs the world can’t fill,
I come to this place first.

Each room here offers solace,
each meal erases woe;
each tear shed here will disappear
while peals of laughter grow.

The furnishings have been renewed,
the rooms all have new cots.
With time, so much will change here
But I pray the love will not.

I know not how much longer
this structure will stand here;
nor when life’s twists and turns
will bring serenity or tears.

But I know this: while there are
joys unspeakable, sorrows deep –
I will forever seek this place
my memories to keep.

TS – March 31, 2011.


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