You have something special.  It’s a gift, designed specifically for you—sealed with your fingerprint, coded with your voiceprint.  It can never be duplicated; it will never be done like YOU do it.

God gave it to you, and it’s all yours.


There are people earmarked and waiting for that gift He put in you.  Don’t get sidetracked by the world’s obsession with numbers, though.  Maybe it’s a handful of people—or just one person.

And that one person could be you, my love.

What if your God-given gift is the solution you’ve been searching for?  What if your talent is the light you’ve been seeking to fill that one still-dark secret place?  What if—like Moses’ mother—you’ve been hiding your own deliverer?

Don’t ever stifle your gift.  Somewhere, someone’s waiting on the miracle hidden in those words only you can say, the song only you can sing, that line only you can write, that presence only you can deliver.

Your style, your sway, your charisma, your voice—they can never be reproduced. God only makes originals; He doesn’t deal in copies.  You know there will never be another you, and you don’t know how to be anyone else.

Your greatest strength will always lie in being authentically, genuinely you.

So, whatever God’s given to you—your trademark, that thing you were created to do—I pray you’ll do it with confidence, but…

Honey, you do it even if you’re afraid.  And keep doing it when it’s hard and scary and misunderstood.

Do it because someone’s waiting on a deliverer to bring his miracle, her blessing.

And that deliverer, my love, is you.

(Inspired by two of the many Warners who have captured my heart and filled it with awe and love: Che-Raina and Soyini.  You are beautiful, anointed, mighty young women who make me such a proud mama.  Keep leaving your mark on the world!  Love…Tee.)


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