A letter, from me to me.

Dear Tee2017,

Congratulations—we made it! Stronger, wiser, braver, calmer, prioritized… . Not bad. Now, there are some things we should keep working on this year, but time’s short (‘cause I procrastinated – big surprise), so listen up, boo:

Be still. Worrying achieved exactly nothing in 2016 and, chances are, that won’t magically change at midnight. So, let God be God. Please don’t treat Him like some shady new boyfriend; He doesn’t have to prove Himself anymore. He’s got you, and you know it. So, in 2017, cancel the merry-go-round—do not pass Go or collect $200—just trust Him.

Value what God says—Choose Truth over “reality”. I’mma get philosophical for a sec, but stay with me here. Reality is a shape shifter. You can’t trust anything that’s influenced by perception—by your information, knowledge, feelings or experiences. God’s Truth won’t shift for you, no matter how you beg and plead. No, fix your face. That’s GOOD. I promise He’ll always work it out for your good. So, whatever God says to you, choose that. Live that. Do that. Value what He tells you over what’s popular. And cherish anyone you come across who gets that. (Like Reid. And just in case you forget where you wrote it down, I’mma immortalize it here: If EVER—like that lady in The Vow—life pulls some stunt that gives you the chance to choose Reid again, girrrrl, marry him. Do it again. Don’t have a discussion, don’t wax philosophical or conduct interviews. Don’t even think about it. Some people count the years, others make the years count. He’s a keeper, honey. Just saying.) Ok, moving on…

Let it go. Whatever the “it” might be this year, if you can’t fix it, get over it. Sure, you’ll be disappointed; you’ll discover things that suck the very lifeblood from your faith in humanity. Again. So big surprise: no-one’s perfect. Whatever happens, release it. Fast. And for that handful of things you can’t just ‘get over’, then…

Deal with it, as in: stop procrastinating! Some things have to be confronted—like that little obedience issue. Look, this is life. There will be unpleasantness. But you can do hard things—you’ve done so many this year (and they really weren’t that hard, were they?). The only thing that can keep you back is you. So, just obey the Lord; put on your big girl panties and—Deal. With. It.

Memorize the miracles, minimize the misery. Make a big deal of every awesome thing God does: the sound of Matt’s voice, parking spots on High Street, finding *the* shoes, open doors and closed ones. Don’t ever take His Mercies for granted—that’s the devil’s foothold and misery won’t be far behind. When the Creator of the Universe takes time to do something for you, that’s a BIG DEAL. Anything else is just the backdrop that highlights your Blessings. So, this year, keep that Gratitude on BLAST, chica.

Celebrate your victories. You’ve come a loooong way, baby. Don’t lose sleep over mistakes. The devil won’t change this year—he’s still a liar. God knew about your issues when He chose you—He still chose you. And no, that doesn’t make Him a risk-taker; it makes you His Child (and also kind of Awesome). Don’t accept anything but that Truth.

I’m tempted to address the sarcasm, but I sense that’s pushing it…something you might wanna think about for 2018, though? Just saying. In the meantime, you can let all this marinate…but not too long, ok? If nothing else, please do this ONE thing: keep putting God first. It pays off, I promise. Oh, and be grateful. And stop procrastina…ok, you know what? Just do everything I said. I worked HARD on you this year, Tee. Don’t sabotage our progress and don’t *make* me come back. Please.

Okay, clock’s ticking and we’ve got church, so one last thing before I hand it all over to you: I’ve really enjoyed growing…transforming into you—every tear, smile, lesson, every Revelation. I wouldn’t trade a second of this year’s journey, and I mean that. So this isn’t goodbye. More like…

Hello from the other side.

Love & Respect,


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