St. John’s, Antigua, 2nd February, 2017—T. Lerisa Simon knows what it’s like to need hope.  And in Gift of God:  Finding treasure in the darkness (published by Westbow Press), she uses her life’s lessons to help readers find it. The book, officially launched on January 31st at the National Public Library of Antigua, tells the true story of her baby’s fight to survive and her family’s struggle for hope, in spite of disheartening odds.  In candid 1st person, its pages explore love and loss, fear and faith, rebellion and redemption, ultimately sharing a vital secret with those who really need to hear it.

And maybe that’s you.  Perhaps 2016 took more than you were ready to give, and you welcomed January 1st with relief (and sweaty palms).  Then, you probably know that life can bring unexpected challenges. Divorce, family and relationship issues, unexpected illness and loss test our faith while we find our way in the darkness. So if 2016 left you—or someone close to you—confused or discouraged, wondering where God was in those dark places, well, this could be the book you’ve been waiting for.

“I’m about to tell you what I’ve discovered.  My mistakes, my family’s pain, our dark places, all the lessons…are laid out here, so they can help someone else.  And it’s both humbling and reassuring to know that everything we’ve been through is recyclable, that it can be used for someone else’s benefit.

And I think that someone might be you.”  (Gift of God, pg. 151)

Gift of God: Finding treasure in the darkness, by T. Lerisa Simon (178 pages)

Available in paperback, hardcover and e-book formats: Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Westbow Press

T. Lerisa Simon was born and raised on the Caribbean island of Antigua. She is a graduate of the University of the West Indies, and has taught at multiple levels in St. Kitts and in Antigua—where she currently lives with her husband, Reid, and their son Matthew. Writing is her passion, but her greatest delight is to seek God’s guidance and to be led by Him. 


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