That Dream in your heart won’t survive on its own.  It needs to be nourished, fed on solid food—on the examples of real people who’ve done what you dream of doing.  Your Dream needs the meat of your hope, your put-your-foot-down-won’t-consider-the-alternative-hoping-against-hope that it will come to pass.  It needs the kind of oxygen that’s not available under the bed; the kind it can only get up there on the lamp stand.

That’s where you can share it with the “right” people, who’ll help you feed it, hold you accountable and fan its flames when you’re tired or forgetful.  Don’t worry too much about the “wrong” people—the unreceptive or hostile.  Your Dream is tougher than you might think.  It doesn’t need to be protected from them.

But it may need to be sheltered… from you—from the contamination of your doubts and fears, from the negativity they planted (but you’ve been watering), from that toxic “reality” you’re swallowing just because other people do.

So, maybe more than anything, your Dream needs to feed… you.  You weren’t meant to live without hope, without a desire to live deeper, to be better, to crave more.  There’s always more. So please don’t settle in that barren place and don’t you crumble at the first sign of resistance.

Don’t starve your Dream.  Feed It—if for no other reason than to let It feed you.


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