Random thoughts…

So, I thought I’d share my thoughts while I decide (read: procrastinate about deciding) what to make for dinner.

So, here goes:

A driver’s license doesn’t actually mean you can drive.  It means you know enough to operate a vehicle by yourself.  Some people get lots of practice this way, and eventually get pretty good at it.  Others—not so much.

Bullying is a tricky little creature.   Might be worth a pause before we throw the word around. Singling out and blasting someone on social media for something you think is bullying… well… that sort of makes you a bully, too.

Parenting requires actual thought.  For example, it’s kind of counterproductive to tell kids they should do chores willingly, without being told, because they’re part of the family…etc..etc… and then punish them for an offense with dish-washing.  Maybe it’s just me, but if I should “want” to do it, then it shouldn’t be such an effective punishment.

Facebook is not my friend.    Nothing good can come from throwing so many people’s lives in my face at once.  It’s just more than I’m designed to consume at any given time.  Clearly it’s a recipe for overload, followed by mild depression and serious talks with myself about how okay I am, with my extra 10 pounds (okay 15, but that’s it!), more bad hair days than every other natural-and-perfectly-moisturized chick and all my un-gourmet and un-photogenic dinners.  Speaking of which… I’ve decided we’re having fish.  Boring, un-photographed fish.

Take that, facebook.

#practicemakesperfect     #offyourbuttparenting     #equalopportunitybullying?  #unfriendfacebook


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