To tell the truth…

Like most people, I’m usually excited about a New Year, but the last few have been bittersweet.  I learned a lot during the year, and letting go isn’t easy.  However, to fully access the new, I must let go of the old.  That’s something to keep in mind as January opens: To reach the highest, best version of ourselves, we have to release the old; abandon all our heavy things so we can climb higher.   This includes things that aren’t dreadful—just distracting.  Or stationary.  Going higher always requires separation from anything unmovable. 

That’s an uncomfortable truth that I’ve been pondering for weeks.  And I’ve discovered that from Moses to Mary, the most incredible, world-changing events began with separation.  More uncomfortable truth.  For many of us, “separation” is just another word for “loneliness”.  And who wants to be alone?

See, in the crowd’s noise, among the “followers”, we can hide or be anything we want—it’s fantastic.   Except, history doesn’t really support the idea that God enjoyed the crowd scene.  From Samuel to Saul/Paul, from David to Elisha, God found and worked mightily through separated people (miscellaneous farm animals notwithstanding).  Some say it’s the “chosen” few that He calls.  That’s comforting, perhaps, but not quite true.  “Many are called”.  Many.  But we must get to the place where we can hear that call and, like Moses and Mary, say “Here I am”—then go change the world.

As we exit 2018, I pray for us the courage to leave behind whatever God asks of us, and climb to that Kingdom place where our Father has need of us.  We may go with watery eyes and heavy hearts.  But I pray we’ll go anyway, believing His Promise to multiply what we’ve given up for His sake (Mark 10: 29-30), and knowing the most comforting Truth there is: we’re never alone.  Just as He was with Moses and Mary—God is with us. (Exodus 3:12; Luke 1:28)

A blessed and Spirit-led 2019 to us all!


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